The Satanic Temple NYC Presents: Virtual Run for Reproductive Rights


From TST’s Religious Reproductive Rights website:


The Texas Department of Health and Human Services plans to enforce new rules that require that fetal tissue must be buried or cremated and can no longer be disposed of in sanitary landfills as they are in every other state.

The Satanic Temple believes burial rites are a well-established component of religious practice. This is undisputed in the entirety of US legal history. In addition, members of The Satanic Temple believe in the inviolability of the body and, as such, these rules contradict our fundamental beliefs. The First Amendment protects our right to practice our beliefs, and under the Religious Freedom Reform Act (RFRA), the State must present a compelling reason for why they want to enforce rules that inhibit adherence to our religious practices. Clearly, the State of Texas has no compelling reason because these rules were not enacted to promote health and safety, but rather to harass and burden women who terminate their pregnancies.

For these reasons, members of The Satanic Temple are not required to comply with the Texas rule on fetal remains. Nevertheless, we will require legal support to protect the rights of our members.


THE SATANIC TEMPLE (TST) has filed both state and federal lawsuits against the state of Missouri on behalf of Mary Doe, a pregnant woman seeking an abortion. Missouri law requires that all women seeking to lawfully terminate their pregnancy must be given reading material claiming that life begins at conception, and they must endure a 72-hour waiting period between their initial appointment and their actual abortion procedure. TST objects to these restrictions on religious grounds because they violate our belief in the inviolability of one’s body.



A virtual run works like this:
1. Register for the run at
2. At any time before or on the run day (April 29) run/walk/bike/elliptical the distance that you want at the location that is most convenient for you
3. Once you’ve finished, post your distance and time as a comment on this page
4. About two weeks after the run day your medal will be delivered to you

Be sure to register early! If you want a medal you must register before April 1st. After April 1st we won’t be ordering any more medals.

Health and Safety Waiver:

In consideration of participating in The Satanic Temple’s virtual run for Reproductive Rights, you agree to assume all risks inherent in participation in such a program, whether they are apparent to you or not. You certify that you are in good physical health and fit to participate. Nevertheless, you acknowledge that participation carries an inherent risk of injury to your person and damage to your property. You hereby waive and release, for yourself and for your heirs and assigns, any and all claims, causes of action, or liabilities which may hereafter accrue against The Satanic Temple, and its affiliates, their agents, employees, volunteers, officers, directors, successors and assigns, and any and all sponsors, their representatives and successors, that may arise as a result of your participation in The Satanic Temple’s virtual run for Reproductive Rights, including any and all claims for personal injuries caused by The Satanic Temple’s negligence.


73 thoughts on “The Satanic Temple NYC Presents: Virtual Run for Reproductive Rights”

    1. You got a time, bubs? 4 miles is my regular run and I love to be a little competitive..!

  1. Walked one mile around the neighborhood with inclines at a time of 19:35. My first mile walk since my stroke on 10-03-16. Hail Satan \m/

  2. Had a decent time on my regular run the other day so I’ll post it here. 4 Miles, 31:51. This will be my favorite medal!

  3. Walked 3 Miles in 2 hours…
    (No competition here, I hobbled My way through using a cane, as I need a knee replacement)

  4. 6.91 miles in about 40 minutes. There was on an eliptical bike with muscle endurance boosters on.

  5. 4 miles in 35 mins done before the snowmageddon touches down on the east coast.

  6. 3 miles on Sunday 03/12, coming in at 69 mins between all the stops along the way to chat with people, catch my breath and pet dogs.

  7. As soon as I read about this, I went out and walked one mile in 35 minutes. Everyday, I plan to in honor of this cause as well.

  8. I ran 30 km for the first time today! Hamilton, Victoria, Australia. (Actually 30.11 km.)
    3:26:35 Strava Moving Time; 6:52/km
    3:35:24 Garmin Total Time; 7:09/km
    Love running, love The Satanic Temple.

  9. Just my daily sweat session on the treadmill. 2.5 miles @ incline 6 @ 32 minutes.

  10. 4.14Mi = 6.66k first run since my last half (13.1) about a month ago. Need to shake the rust off, will post updates. Anyone running the Cherry Blossom 10 Mi in DC on Sunday? If you see me in my TST shirt, gimme a hail satan!

  11. treadmill. 2 miles
    @ incline 9 for first mile at 3.8 mph
    @incline 6.5 2nd mile at 3.5 mph

  12. Today is the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in DC, anyone else going? Look out for me, Green Wave repping the TST!

  13. 7.318 miles in 2 hours. A drunken stagger to the bar and back in a snow storm.

  14. Josh and I just finished our walk 4 miles in an hour and a half.

  15. 3.99 miles in 56:14. Not sure if this will post twice or not. If so, sorry.

  16. ran 57.5 miles on April 8, 2017 at Whisky Basin 88k in Prescott, az. Just over 14 hours.

  17. My husband Aaron and I ran our 3.25 this evening 04/12/17. That’s two metals for us! 🙂

  18. After losing 150lbs, today I ran my first 5k and I did it for The Satanic Temple’s campaign!

    1. Yay, that’s awesome! I did my first 5k in December 2015. I couldn’t remember ever being so happy!

  19. 4.43 miles in about 2.5 hours, on 4/12. Shout out to my physical therapist Andrea who helped get me psyched up and made me a playlist to walk to that included a bunch of songs about Satan!

  20. 4.43 miles in about 2.5 hours. Shout out to my physical therapist Andrea who helped get me psyched up and made me a playlist to walk to that included a bunch of songs about Satan!

  21. On April 14, walked a little over 12 miles (from my apartment near Chinatown to The Cloisters) in 4 hours and 20 minutes…which acted as both my participation in the Virtual Run and as a prep walk for my annual 32-mile hike on May 6. Happy I participated!

  22. Nighttime cycling in Tucson for the Exorcising Demons team!
    4/23: 16.6 miles in 77 minutes
    3/29: 23.4 miles in 110 minutes

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