TST NYC supports Detroit’s Sabbat Cycle ritual in Manhattan

Lauren Duca covered The Sabbat Cycle; Awaken in NYC. In the article she mentions speaking with one of our members from NYC, while also noting she did not run into many Satanists. We were there, quite a few of us. We were engaged in the performance and mingling. Being elusive is Satanic. It was otherwise our favorite article on the event thus far.

Feature image credit; Vice Magazine


TST NYC is Official

As of 2/26/2016 The Satanic Temple of NYC is official. Our council has been working together for a while now to contribute to our TST NYC culture and objectives through our varied special interests and perspectives. Our common thread is our love for various aspects of TST, art, literature, philosophy, and cooperation.

We are all so thrilled to start our next phase. Thank you to everyone for the ongoing support.