Message from TST NYC Ministry

Welcome to The Satanic Temple of New York City (TST NYC)

TST NYC is a religious organization dedicated to encouraging benevolence and empathy, rejecting tyrannical authority, advocating for practical common sense, the continual pursuit and sharing of knowledge, opposing injustice, and undertaking noble pursuits.

As a congregation of The Satanic Temple (TST), we strive to support the national efforts of TST, uphold the Seven Fundamental Tenets, as well as develop customs, culture, and ceremonial  concepts for our internal community.

TST NYC endeavors to foster a safe and supportive community of religious Satanists and allies, support local businesses and organizations that align with our morals and ethics, collectively pursue educational and creative goals, and engage in a variety of social activities and events.

TST NYC is made up of members & Ministry all working together for the continual growth and betterment of our congregation.