TST NYC supports Detroit’s Sabbat Cycle ritual in Manhattan

Lauren Duca covered The Sabbat Cycle; Awaken in NYC. In the article she mentions speaking with one of our members from NYC, while also noting she did not run into many Satanists. We were there, quite a few of us. We were engaged in the performance and mingling. Being elusive is Satanic. It was otherwise our favorite article on the event thus far.

Feature image credit; Vice Magazine


Author: Hofman A Turing

Hofman A Turing is a polymath educator, philosopher, and TST Satanist interested in various intersections of art, music, technology, entheogens, culture, individual liberty, and social justice. He lives in New York City.

1 thought on “TST NYC supports Detroit’s Sabbat Cycle ritual in Manhattan”

  1. I think when people hear the word Satanic, they freak out. There is good in the community. Thank you for your reports

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